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About Us

About Us

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At iFrog (Queensland Computers) - we believe in only doing what you are best at. When it comes to knowledge and expertise, we simply know our stuff when it comes to Apple. As a certified Apple Authorized Reseller - it goes without saying that even Apple themselves agree with us.  


 We are not your average web store run by a group of robots and automated message banks. We are real people offering real solutions around the Apple range of products. Our job doesn't end with making a sale - it starts there. Our team consists of a number of elite members of a small group of people Australia wide know as the "Apple Consultants Network". Needless to say this is not a certification you can get out of your average cereal box.



If you are looking for a partner around Apple solutions you have come to the right place. iFrog are part of the QC Group of companies and are fully GITC & QAssure accredited. If you are looking for more than just products, we are also a Queensland Government LocalBuy preferred supplier for managed IT services and support. 



Let's be honest - price is important and we understand that. Service, support and product advice is a bonus that usually has a price tag attached to it, however it shouldn't have to be that way. As an Apple Education Partner, iFrog can visit your school or education institution to help plan and advise around your purchasing decision. We also have qualified and certified technicians who can assist you with the deployment of devices included the selection and use of a Mobile Device Management system. Want to know more? Let's chat!


Only Apple?

At iFrog Apple is our love. We would go as far as to say that we believe no other Authorized Reseller does Apple better than us. However as a part of the QC Group of companies we can offer much more. Our group of companies gives us the flexibility of providing a phenomenal range of brands in a wide range of products and services. We also offer a huge range of IT services including Managed IT support, packaged software solutions, custom bespoke software and solution design. We also have a great team of in house web designers. It is safe to say that if you have a problem - we have a solution.


Banking Details

BSB: 084571
Account no: 773419970
Bank Name: NAB
Account Name: iFrog





Aussie Aussie Aussie!! 

At iFrog you will deal with an Australian Owned and operated company. We will never make you deal with an overseas help center. We will never sell you grey imported stock and will never ship any of your products from outside of Australia. Give us a go and experience the difference for yourself.