Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

below is a short FAQ of frequently asked questions and our policies regarding those questions:

Is this item compatible with another item on your website or another item i want to use it with?

iFrog does not confirm compatibility on any items due to our large catalogue of complex IT products, as we do not wish to give wrong advice.


How does Warranty work?:
iFrog offers Australian warranty as per the manufacturer, you can usually elect to deal with either us or the manufacturer directly, however we may need you to have contacted them for a case number first. At a later date, if you disagree with the manufacturer’s warranty period as per Australian Consumer Law, you can initiate a legal case to disagree with their warranty period.

Generally if the manufacturer has a well defined return process, it is usually faster to do it via the manufacturer rather than via iFrog. iFrog has to facilitate the return of goods to the wholesaler and have the wholesaler confirm they are faulty before issuing a refund or replacement, this process can take a number of weeks. Apple for example you can lodge a return via Online / Phone which you can take to the local post office and send back at no charge, or you can go to your local Apple store for a resolution.

I don’t want to contact the manufacturer for warranty case number:
iFrog is obligated to help you process a warranty claim, but there are reasonable steps we can ask a customer to have undertaken to assist us with the warranty claim, we require you to contact the manufacturer to troubleshoot and obtain RMA advice from the manufacturer before lodging a claim with us, this is not negotiable and without this information we cannot proceed with your return claim. We sell tens of thousands of different items, many of which are complex electronic devices, this is why we require that you have done some troubleshooting with an expert prior to proceeding.

Advertising sites you use have pricing different than your website:

iFrog makes every effort to update our pricing to marketing partners regularly, but the price of our items is as per our website and incorrect pricing information if provided by a third party is not the responsibility of iFrog, we recommend you contact them to let them know their pricing is wrong and register a complaint.

I have extensive questions about an item/s and your staff are unwilling to provide me with the level of service I require

iFrog is a discount store and generally our staff are available to help for general queries such as:

Stock availability

Order tracking
Bulk purchase pricing queries
To let you know our terms and conditions

For other enquiries, you may need to do your own research to find the answer you need. In particular, our staff are trained to decline questions regarding compatibility or from making promises about delivery times. Refer to our Ts and Cs for full info.

Where are you located:

Our headquarters is based in Bundaberg QLD.

Do you offer pickup:

We only offer Australia Wide Delivery to mainland Australia and Tasmania.

My Order has gone to backorder, I am unhappy 

We apologise for any delay, We are happy to provide a refund if an item has not shipped. We strive to provide up to date availability, however we operate in a fast moving market segment and sometimes stock levels may change faster than our website can keep up, i.e. an item may be sold out by lunchtime and still show on our website as in stock until the following morning. This is a system limitation as we can only update availability once a day.

We also have a mechanism in our system that tells us if an item was out of stock at time of order, it is a common error for customers to not notice that an item is out of stock before ordering. If you call us about an order where the item was out of stock at the time, iFrog staff members will advise you of this fact in regard to the backorder. iFrog will not accept complaints for delays on items indicated not in stock at time of order.

My backorder ETA keeps changing:

iFrog is not the manufacturer of these products and does rely on 3rd party information for delivery estimates. When we provide an ETA, it does mean “estimated time of arrival”, we understand this can be frustrating and offer our sympathies, we want nothing more than to ship your item.


However these estimated times are outside of our control and we can only offer to wait and try keep you updated or offer a refund before shipment.

As for when, we can only update you when we receive the information, our apologies if this does not suit your timeframe, it is the best we can do.


My order has been cancelled?

At our discretion iFrog may cancel orders and provide a refund, you may disagree with our decision but decisions on whether to cancel an order are final and at our absolute discretion. iFrog has the right to decide if we do not wish to deal with a particular customer or no longer supply certain items for various reasons.

I want a better price:

As a discount website, iFrog already heavily discounts our items and generally we will not offer any further discount, if you are looking at a bulk purchase, we may, at our discretion offer a better price for you.

Who is responsible for damaged/lost goods:

Signing for Delivery - The customer/receiver is responsible for making sure that either they or the person accepting the delivery inspect the goods prior to accepting the delivery and signing the Proof of Delivery (POD) document. If we are instructed to deliver to an address where someone else may be signing for the goods, we recommend passing these instructions on to receptionists or others likely to accept goods on your behalf, to prevent them signing for damaged goods on your behalf, to prevent any issues. Each delivery of goods should be checked for completeness (i.e. the received goods are as per accompanying Consignment Note, some orders may be delivered in separate deliveries, so checking the consignment note is the best way to ensure everything in that specific delivery has been received. Your order confirmation or Tax Invoice, may not be delivered in full in one delivery if multiple services are needed) and any transit damage before signing for said goods. Failure to inspect the goods prior to signing the POD will result in voiding of any insurance against loss or transit damage.


  • When you sign a Proof of Delivery (POD) document, you are confirming that the consignment has been delivered in full and in good condition (i.e. no visible/apparent physical damage). The Proof of Delivery should only be signed once the goods have been inspected and deemed to be in good condition, as a clean signed POD will void any insurance against loss or transit damage.
  • If a shipment arrives with a damaged carton or item, the delivery should either be rejected with POD not signed or the POD must have the exact damage noted on it as you sign for the goods, including any carton identifier available, signature, name and date as above. If this information is not provided the POD will be treated as clean and will void any ability to claim loss or transit damage against shipping insurance.

I am unhappy with the time taken to deliver my item:

iFrog wants all our customers to be happy with their experience, however sometimes human error or circumstances beyond our control may prevent this, we apologise for any delays and will work with you to resolve them as best we can.

Our Delivery Guidelines are provided below and are emailed to every customer at time of order.

Also  found here 

Orders are generally processed within 24 hours (weekends and public holidays excluded) of cleared payment - Delivery guidelines begin AFTER this 24 hour period*.

General Delivery Guidelines:

·         East Coast Metro areas – usually 1-3 working days*

·         Country NSW / Victoria usually 2-4 working days*

·         SA/Country QLD usually 2-5 working days*

·         WA Metro usually 3-7 working days* (local stock may be faster)

·         All other areas – Please ask us for an estimate.

We ship from Warehouses all over the country and often items locally stocked in WA can be delivered much faster, the same is true of South Australia etc.– but the lead times above reflect general acceptable delivery times in lieu of Local stock. (we have no Warehouses in the NT or TAS)

Please note that Delivery Times are not guaranteed, they are guidelines only and reflect the normal reasonable expectation of that guideline. Weekends and holidays are excluded.

We deal with 3rd Party Couriers/Post for all deliveries and while our delivery estimates are made in good faith, sometimes situation may occur that are outside our control, we do not warranty exact delivery times.

Guidelines assume item is in stock at time of order and paid for promptly. Items left unpaid may affect availability.

Why do I have to call the courier in regards to my delivery after I have been provided with tracking details?

It is iFrog policy that the receiver must call the courier in regards to any shipment issues, depot pickups, missing stock or late deliveries or anything else we at our discretion request the customer to contact the courier for. The reason for this policy varies, but it is mainly due to the fact that customers know their own home and delivery circumstances than we do here in the call centre, it is also due to the fact that all iFrog customers agree to be home for delivery when they make an order and we find most courier issues are due to a signatory not being available.

Not home for delivery / Courier did not leave a card:

Our terms and conditions state that a customer must order items to an attended address as we require a signature for most deliveries, failure to comply with this can cause delays and other issues due to the fact that the post office does not allow most couriers to leave items at your local Post shop for collection.

Couriers will generally leave a card if they have tried to deliver but you were not available, couriers will not always leave a card and online tracking is the best way to determine when the courier tried to deliver. If you are unhappy with any conduct of the courier, for example not receiving a card, we recommend to contact the courier directly with your feedback.

I cant be home for delivery, but I still want to order:

iFrog recommends you look to buy from someone who can suit your delivery requirements, if you palce an order with us anyway, there is a risk it will cause issues with delivery.

Ordering out of stock items:

Out of stock items are listed to us by our wholesaler as out of stock, but still able to be ordered, we recommend checking with us prior to ordering these items, as estimated lead times in our industry can vary. If an item is found to be no longer be available, we will refund promptly. If we have ordered in an item specifically for you and cannot cancel this item with our own supplier, as per our terms and conditions we may at our discretion refuse to cancel such an order as is pursuant to reasonable timeframes expected for such a backorder.

Why is my order pending verification?

For your safety and ours, a small percentage of order such as laptops, may need to be verified before shipment, usually only if going to a residential address and only if paid by Visa/MasterCard/Amex. We strongly advise customers to use a verified PayPal account or a bank deposit for these items if they are going to a residential address. If items are going to a company address the order is less likely to require verification. This procedure of checking some items is due to being unable to accept a PIN for security in the online environment and is enforced to protect the cardholder and the merchant. We will notify any such orders within 1 business day of order being placed via email and will happily refund the order in full if requested.

Id like to return my item:

We have an exhaustive policy in regards to this question here in our terms and conditions:

In short, we only accept returns for faulty items, change of mind or changes in your circumstances do not allow us to accept an item back, except at our absolute discretion and a restocking fee may apply of 25% or higher at our discretion.

Id like to cancel my order:

We have an exhaustive policy in regards to this question here in our terms and conditions:

In short, we are generally happy to cancel an order as long as it has not shipped, we also must be able to cancel it with our supplier/Warehouse/third party before it is shipped to fully cancel the order. If an order is shipped before we can have it stopped, we may decline to refund the order.

I did not receive what I ordered / item was wrongly described:

We have an exhaustive policy in regards to this question here in our terms and conditions: (below “refunds”)

In short, If we wrongly describe an item or send the incorrect item to you we are obligated to provide a remedy and return the goods back to our possession before issuing a refund. We will require an email communication from the customer stating what was ordered, why it is wrong and proof of the error via a screenshot/s or other means. We do require customers to fully research an item before purchasing and suggest that customers contact the manufacturer as most of the items we sell are business equipment and can be highly complicated and a customer’s own understanding of an item or perception/misperception of our description is not grounds for a return. An item not working as “expected” by a customers own opinion but working as per its proper specifications will also not be accepted for a return.

These are the terms and conditions on which we are willing to do business with you. Note: IFrog will always comply with Australian Consumer Law and no part of our conditions above is intended to subvert or contradict any such laws. Australian consumer law guidelines can be found here:  


At iFrog we beleive in mutual respect, if you behave in a way noty consistent with these values, we may also ask you to review the following: 

There are Australian laws which apply to serious online harassment and online bullying behaviour. Under the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) it is an offence to use the internet, social media or a telephone to menace, harass or cause offence. The maximum penalty for this offence is three years imprisonment or a fine of more than $30,000.

If we feel a customer has breached these guidelines, we may make a report to ACORN and/or the local police.

Here at iFrog we value the wellbeing of our staff as well as our customers, the following behaviour will not be tolerated.

Harassment/Bullying/Abuse via phone, email or live help, including but not limited to the following:

  • Aggressive/unfriendly speech/tone during communications.
  • Swearing.
  • Repeating the same question over and over.
  • Demanding to know personal details of staff.
  • Disregarding iFrog policies agreed to prior to ordering and making demands outside of agreed terms.
  • Demanding information or service that is outside our terms and conditions.
  • Belittling, causing offence or making personal attacks.
  • Asking repeated questions that are not relevant to moving forward to resolve the issue, for example if a customer is more interested in blame rather than resolution of an issue.

iFrog is a highly competitive low margin business and we offer great pricing, however our business model is more suited to customers who know exactly what they need, its available options and accessories and are able to find it on our website, our full terms and conditions are here:  

All of us as people can become frustrated at times, we kindly ask customers to remember the people they are speaking with are human beings and do not deserve to suffer the above in regards to a purchase of items from our website, for any reason whatsoever. iFrog believes in mutual respect regarding conduct between our people and you.

These are the terms by which we are willing to do business with you, failure to abide by these guidelines or any harassment/bullying/abuse of our staff is unacceptable. Customers can expect to be treated with the same mutual respect guidelines above in return.

Our staff do not set these policies and cannot change them, if you would like to make a complaint there is an escalation option lower down this page to email your complaint to be escalated to management.

For customers who fail to abide by these guidelines, iFrog reserve the right to cancel orders for a refund, Terminate/Decline phone calls and disregard written communication in breach of the above.

Our full terms and conditions are available here, any customer who has made an order has agreed to them and is expected to abide by these conditions:

If you wish to escalate a query to management the below inbox is attended by the business owner and iFrog manager –